We are an innovative group of industry leaders in law, finance, counseling, and ethical business dedicated to reforming the face of legal counsel for families. Family law necessitates a broad array of skillsets that only a specialized team can provide.

Families need legal representation that advocates all aspects of family life, not legal representation that strives to meet business quotas. We have come together to assess that need.

We are Completion Law Firm.


About Collaborative Practice: Why Collaborative?

The end of a marriage can be tragic enough. Divorce proceedings frequently only add to the pain and monetary hardship. Conventional attorneys PROSPER in combative divorce situations and often pit divorcees against each other, endeavoring to maximize profit.

All too often, the only true winner in traditional divorce proceedings is the attorney; leaving both parties of the divorce financially destitute.


A growing number of parting spouses, along with professionals such as lawyers, financial specialists, human rights advocates, and mental health professionals have begun to recognize this phenomenon and have combined their efforts in search of a more constructive alternative.

These professionals have developed the Collaborative Practice model.

Collaborative VS Conventional Divorce



Conflict of interest Pledged to serve YOUR interests
Attorney makes money from your expenses Attorney impartial and paid flat rate
Divisive, capitalist approach Family/Asset oriented approach
Surrender much of decision making power Decision making power remains in YOUR hands
Judge has final say YOU have final say



Michelle is a mediator, collaborative attorney, the founder of Completion Law Firm, founder of San Fernando Valley Collaborative Professionals, and member of Los Angeles Collaborative Family Association . Michelle’s effective mediation skills and her calm and powerful way of being makes her one of Southern California’s most respected and valuable mediators and collaborative professionals.

Advanced Training

Michelle has participated in Center for Youth Services mediation training with advanced trainings in Families Able to Resolve Situations Trainings and advanced trainings in Victim Offender Restitution Services Training.


She has been trained in educational training programs at Landmark Education for the past six years in areas of communication and human relations; being trained to empower and enable people to fulfill on matters that are of interest and importance to them.

As a Landmark Education Self Expression and Leadership Program Leader, Michelle trains large group of individuals to engage their communities in leadership making a lasting difference in their communities.


Graduated from Southwestern University School of Law in 2001, she was a recipient of CALI Excellence for The Future in Family Law in 1999. She was a member of Southwestern University Law Review from 1999 to 2000. She has been a Family Law attorney since December 2001

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